'Women do not forget. Women do not forgive.’

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DeanCas Howl!AU yay! the backgrounds were surprisingly enough my favorite part leave it to ghibli to make me not hate landscapes

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I sent this paper to JK Rowling explaining how the wizarding gene could be singular, autosomal, and dominant despite the protests of a bunch of fans who stopped learning genetics after Punnett squares. Warning: Contains science

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Sterek AU: Warm Bodies

“So… What’s your name?” Derek asks, pushing around a canned peach with his plastic fork.

“Uh.” Is the zombie’s response, much more intelligent than he’d originally thought the corpses were. Sure, it’s not a full conversation, but this one tries. This one saved him, and didn’t eat him while he slept.

“Do you not have a name?” He asks, looking at the confused expression on the corpse’s face. Maybe he can’t remember it. Derek thinks it’s sad. 

“Uh. St…Uh, I..” It tries, scratching at the buzz cut hair, foggy eyes searching the room and then Derek’s face.

“…Stuart?” He supplies, but the corpse shakes his head, nose turned up. “Steven? Stu? S…Stiles?”

“Huh?” That catches his attention, the last one.

“Stiles.” Derek nods, thinking it’s odd, but good. Like him. “That can be your name. Okay?”

Stiles does something like a smile, “Oh…Okay.”

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Gorgeous new covers for Penguin classics, the best thing since Coralie Bickford-Smith’s gems.

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Fili and Kili, at your service.
➴”You always see them together: at the table in Bag End, in almost every wide shot, in battle, and most poignantly in the end when they share the same eagle!”

Two awesome dwarves. And Kili is just a little bit too pretty for it to be all right ^_^

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Shirts-off parties are like a gateway drug… a gateway drug to fun times, but still.
Hung over friend commenting on last night’s drunken events
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